Friday, 13 September 2013

3rd Keynote - Thierry C. continued

Thierry is raising a valid question about the languages used in presentations and publications within CALL. In his examinations he has found very little published in other languages than English or having to do with the teaching of other languages than English. So are we in fact creating yet another TESOL conference?

3rd Keynote - Thierry C. continued

Thierry takes a look at the history of ReCALL as part of the memory lane of the 20 years of Eurocall. The audience joins him in applaudes to thank June Thompson for her immense input in making the ReCALL journal what it is today.

3rd Keynote - Thierry Chanier

Thierry is looking at the multilinguality of Eurocall and ReCALL. He is also asking us to reply to his questionnaire, link seen on the slide below:

Thursday, 12 September 2013

2nd Keynote: Chris Jones

Still pictures in the meanwhile... no live streaming available

We continue to have technical problems with the live streaming, we truly apologise for this. The recordings will be made available as soon as is humanely possible. We will announce their availability the moment they come online. Here are some soundbites in visual format from the keynote today.